1. Worldwide Coating Simulation Conference

1. Worldwide Coatings Simulation Conference

21.-22. May 2019 | Steyr, Austria

The virtual securing of products during the development process is not only very popular in the automotive industry but also essential. The early detection of possible problems in the painting process as well as in pre-production phases can provide cost-effective solutions.
The world’s first conference on simulation in the field of industrial painting technology will investigate the simulation of pretreatment, electrodeposition, drying and curing processes, as well as preservation processes (e.g. wax processes) along the process chain. Both dipping and spraying processes as well as processes with electrostatic support will also be considered.
Experts from the automotive industry and simulation technology are invited to report on current applications and news.
Possible areas of investigation may include, but are not limited to:
– Case studies on novel approaches to solving problems in automotive painting
– Examples of industrial applications of painting process simulations
– Scientific studies on the progress of simulation methods.
In addition to keynotes and technical presentations, the ESS World Conference will also be an integral part of the conference. Within the scope of the ESS World Conference, current results from the EU project SENSE (No.: 778627 – H2020) will be reported on exclusively.

You are invited to send your abstract to: submission@essteyr.com by January 15, 2019.

Your DFO and ESS Team

Conference Organization

Nicole Dopheide

Technical Supervision

Karl Felbauer