Meshing Software Developer

Meshing Software Developer / Bengaluru, India (Full Time)

ESS – Engineering Software Steyr GmbH specializes in developing simulation software for several industries such as Automotive, HVAC, Oil & Natural Gas, etc. Due to increasing demand for our global presence, we are seeking innovative minds to expand our multicultural team of technical experts. 


  • Design, develop, and improve surface and volume meshing algorithms for our in-house geometry kernel
  • Implement new features and refactor existing codes in C++
  • Work as a team through peer-based design and code reviews
  • Write clean, readable, and reusable code that doesn’t compromise efficiency for generics

Required Experience

  • Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science / other relevant engineering disciplines with proven practical experience in geometry process and mesh generation
  • The kernel is written entirely in C++. Hence practical experience in C++ programming is immensely welcome. However, knowledge of high-level languages is welcome, too, as long as you possess the relevant analytical skills
  • Knowledge of common data structures like Octrees and other common mesh data structures like Half Edge / Matrix-based mesh representations
  • Knowledge of parallel processing libraries such as OpenMP, Intel TBB, or std::threads is welcome
  • Knowledge of Git and CMake is welcome (We can teach you if you do not know)
  • The ability to read scientific papers and adapt / re-implement them for industrial use would be an extremely valuable skill

What we offer

  • Friendly and flexible working atmosphere
  • Perfect platform to bring innovative ideas and grow from constructive feedback
  • Ability to participate in conferences / peer-reviewed journals
  • Rapid learning curve through new challenges and responsibilities


We are looking forward to your application and a more detailed discussion about the position. Please send us your resume, including a description of why you would be the right person.

Job Location: Bengaluru, India

Please send your resume along with relevant documents, references, list of publications, etc. to



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