Master/Bachelor/FH Thesis

ESS – Engineering Software Steyr GmbH develops highly specialized simulation software for various
industries (e.g. automotive, HVAC, Oil & Natural Gas etc.). Our company comprises of 60+ employees from various nationalities who are experts in their respective fields. We provide the technical expertise to our customers to solve their industrial problems. Our team works with the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and exhibits several years of proven credibility.  

What we offer

  • With our focus on software development, global sales and cloud applications, we offer great options for a Master/Bachelor/FH thesis for university students
  • You will be mentored by our Head of LBM testing & validation to pursue your thesis project
  • Opportunity to gain insight into industrial perspectives of your field of research

A successful applicant will have

  • Learning enthusiasm and high motivation
  • Knowledge in Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) or fluid mechanics
  • Knowledge in heat transfer and thermal simulation
  • Knowledge in turbulence
  • Having knowledge or interested in learning new particle based CFD methods (Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM))
  • Interested in benchmarking, case study and validation of CFD and Heat transfer problems using LBM
  • Having knowledge or interests in learning CAD software to prepare CFD models
  • Optional: Excellent communication skills
  • Optional: Proficient English language skills
  • Optional: Familiar to json files and scripting using Python
  • Optional: Interested in writing scientific articles


  • Visit the company every two weeks for one day
  • Monthly payment of 700€
  • Supervision from an expert at ESS – Farzad Kiani – Head of LBM testing & validation
  • Potential to get a job offer at a later stage


We are looking forward to your application and a more detailed discussion about the position. Please send us your CV, including a description of why you wish to pursue your thesis with ESS and in the particular field of research.

The monthly payment for this position is EUR 700.

Please send your CV along with relevant documents, references, etc. to



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