Current Vacancies:

We are currently recruiting. If you are eager in working interdisciplinary with high educated people in a young team and fit to one of the descriptions underneath, please contact us.


- Developers (5 people)
Do you have a PHD in fluid mechanics, a PHD in structural mechanics?
Do you think you are "the expert" in CUDA, C++ and parallelization?
Do you have industrial experience with DEM, SPH, LBM, BEM, FSI?

- Quality Manager (1)
Do you have experiences in certifications and coding architectures?

- Project Manager(2)
Do you have experiences with funded projects? Do you have experience with services?

- Tester (2)
Do you have experience in coding and testing?

Speculative Applications:

Are you a competent and motivated individual, enthusiastic about working for a cutting edge software firm that develops state-of-the-art technologies?

At ESS we care about our employees' well-being and success as well as the achievements of the company. Our team members are highly valued and respected.



Our employees are our main asset. Their skills and commitment allow us to create and develop our market-leading products. In ESS we want to develop our staff, not just our business. Flexible working schedules allow our employees to fit their careers around family and other commitments.


We are keen on meeting potential employees. We regularly participate in projects with a variety of universities and offer selected students the chance to write their theses for ESS. Often, they are given the chance to work with the software code and be in direct contact with our customers.