SAE WCX 2023 – Detroit, USA

ESS had a successful participation in the SAE WCX 2023 event held in Detroit in April. Our Senior Account Managers – Marlies Koch and Ravi Borra, who represented ESS, shared that the event was incredibly useful in understandin the current market trends.

Our senior global managers – Ravi Borra (left-most) and Marlies Koch (second-last from left) along with booth visitors

They had useful interactions with OEMs regarding our modules for Automotive Paint Shop and for Environmental Clean air topics. They also received several inquiries about the developments we have planned for the future. While there were other CFD simulation companies present, ESS had an advantage owing to our specialisation in automotive Paint Shop. And for this reason, we did not share the same market as the other simulation service providers.

Having received some worthwhile leads from the event, we are eager to expand our client base and add few more names to our clientelle. Overall, the event was a success and we are looking forward to the event the next time.



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