Why Merge?

MERGE is a software tool that provides customers with the ability to repair geometry files (in STL format) and make them compatible to be used in sequential processing such as input geometry on CFD methods (SPH,LBM), volume meshing (for FVM applications), and 3D printing with ease .

In order to be usable on subsequent operations, STL files need to be leakproof and optimized correctly as well as having the right wall thickness. Faulty or poorly exported STL files can lead to unexpected and undesirable results: missing faces, poor resolution or other geometric inaccuracies.

MERGE is a powerful and reliable tool that carries out various repairing and modification activities. ALSIM MERGE’s fast, simple, and user-friendly features are what make it unique.

Our Solution

MERGE can export different file formats with or without modifications. The pre-processing tool removes disturbance, reduces the output triangles (reduces mesh size), and rounds off the coordinates so that the values are exactly represented in binary mode. To facilitate a wide range of further usages such as all kind of CFD and CAE methods and 3D printing, MERGE can convert files to many needed formats such as OBJ, STL, CFD++, GMSH, FLUENT, VTP File, and Star CCM.

The software exports the surfaces within the user-specified values, which can further modify the minimum edge length and the total number of elements to a minimum by keeping all features.

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