Definition of the Problem

Watersplash can be a problem for both consumers and car body designers. Motorists travelling in wet weather conditions have long known the effects of vehicle splash and spray because water spray and splash can potentially make the car instable. It significantly affects the dynamics of the car that may cause crashes. Simulations help to find an optimized, stable design for different scenarios. In addition, car body designers seek to prevent engine bay water contamination, high water loads on critical components, and of course, rust and erosion. Moreover, the forcefulness of water splash can unnecessarily create heat, which can further escalate potential problems. Implementing water splash simulations avoids having to create too many expensive prototypes. Simulations can produce reliable computations which allow for minor tweaks in input parameters in order to study wide ranging scenarios and adjust car body design accordingly. as well as advanced visualization of specific body parts that are of key interest.

It is only natural that car body designers and manufacturers search for a competent and accurate solutions in order to deal with this everyday vulnerability of the car body physics.


SENSE Water Splash Module Solution

The SENSE Water Splash simulation is meshless and can analyze the problem quickly and internally define improvement suggestions to reduce splash. The meshless SENSE Water Splash simulation can internally define design parameters which assures not only extremely speedy turn-around times, but also accuracy, time-efficiency, and flexibility in design constraints for designers. Our tool allows the user to setup a simulation case to analyze the problem and quickly redesign to reduce splash to a minimum. It fulfills current needs by ensuring an easy to use graphical user interface where no CFD expertise is needed. This assures fast turn-around times, low hardware requirements and no HP cluster is needed. Our Water Splash simulation tool is flexible in that design parameters can quickly be adjusted and because it is meshless, it does not need time to add components. Accurate, meshless, and extremely fast—that is our ESS solution. SENSE Water Splash is the application that supports and meets the needs of process and design teams as they drive tomorrow’s product innovations.


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