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Welcome to the CLOUD!

Welcome to the CLOUD

The alsim CLOUD is an online platform for leading CFD simulations and pre-processing of meshes.

The alsim CLOUD offers cloud based CFD simulations, Geometry and Mesh pre-processing for everybody. Gain access to either applications based on the pay-per-use principle. And the best part: No prior CFD/CAE expertise is required.

We have designed our applications with utmost care for usability and accuracy, which allow them to be used by anyone and for the most complex processes. As a first step, we are offering alsim Data Cleaning Repair – a powerful tool to carry out various repairing and modification activities needed in CAE, CFD, 3D Printing. It offers flexibility for the user to import different CAD files and make them watertight and compatible to be used for further processing (such as input geometry to CFD methods: SPH, LBM, volume meshing: for FVM applications, CAE applications, and 3D printing).




First 1000 registrants get 90 days FREE access to alsim Data Cleaning Repair. What are you waiting for? Rise up into the cloud by signing up today!



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