CFD simulation to safeguard your facility

alsim Oil & Gas

Chemical storage tanks are used to store crude oil, petroleum (diesel, gasoline) & other chemicals. A rupture or collapse can cause serious environmental damage. alsim Oil & Gas offers powerful CFD simulations that help ensure the safety of the site, surroundings, employees and civilians.


  • reduce risk and gain risk assurance
  • increase safety measures in existing and newly developed facilities
  • avoid disasters and accidents with accurate simulations
  • simulate effects on surrounding buildings and the environment


  • optimize new facility designs
  • verify and improve the design of existing facilities
  • decrease long-term costs by curtailing risk
  • follow industry standards such as API or other common regulations


  • accelerate decision making
  • suggestions for enhancements in the design phase

Applications of alsim Oil & Gas

Pipe Layings
Offshore Platforms / Waterwaves
Tank Collapse Simulation
Tank Rupture Simulation

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