New Dimension of Paint Shop Simulation

The Entire Paint Shop in One Software

Vehicle manufacturers aim to reduce the total number of prototypes needed. Find the optimum in minimum energy required and corrosion protection. alsim Paint Shop gives full control over the most expensive process in the automotive industry. With the technical know-how gathered from our years of experience and expertise in our principal domain, we have created easy-to-use simulation modules for all the major processes in paintshop.

These are regularly updated to incorporate the technical advancements in the industry, thus serving our customers with results that are accurate, elaborate and profitable in every manner!


  • Quick turnaround times thanks to extremely fast computation (RoDip BIW<12h)
  • Optimize during design phase to reduce costly modifications later
  • Accelerate the Time-to-Market


  • Accurate simulation results reduce need for costly prototypes and tests
  • Detect poorly painted areas to avoid corrosion and minimize warranty claims
  • No CFD expertise required – more time for creative innovation


  • Intuitive and user friendly
  • No Cluster needed (runs on a desktop)
  • Fully preconfigured workflow to support CFD technicians and save their valuable time

alsim Paint Shop Technology

Developed for ease of use and quick turnaround times, these solvers are validated by productive Body-In-Whites run on a single desktop machine in few hours.

alsim Paint Shop is a fast, reliable and cost-effective tool that can be used by anyone.

Applications of alsim Paint Shop



Dip Paint

Liquid Carry Over




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