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alsim Processing

alsim Processing can model even the most complex problems – dry multi-disperse granular material flows, free surface & non-newtonian fluid flows, agglomeration, coagulation, flotation, bubbly & slurry flows, crack and crush in milling – with highest accuracy. Our solver combines particle-based methods (SPH, DEM) with mesh-based methods (LBM, BEM, FDM), enabling us to simulate demanding multiphysics problems.

We can improve performance of existing facilities and equipment. Moreover, they can be optimized in the design phase, thus saving capital costs, energy and precious materials in tailings. We aim to reduce the impact incurred on the environment owing to the processes involved in the processing industry.


  • Optimize tailings to maximize yields
  • Enhance existing equipments and optimize their performance
  • Validate the design of new equipments and facilities


  • Reduce maintenance and avoid production stops
  • Save energy, water, material & manpower
  • Alleviate losses incurred due to long production cycles


  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve the yield obtained in your existing facilities.

Applications of alsim Processing

Floatation Tank Cell
Ball mills
Magnetic Drum Separator

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