ESS was visited by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and a local film crew RTV.

Right in the middle of the busy pre Christmas season, the Austian Chamber of Commerence (WKO) and its district chairman, Eduard Riegler, and a film crew of the local TV station RTV paid a visit to us here at ESS.

Our success story

The short clip tells our success story, highlights the importance of keeping our region attractive and shows our need for expanded headquarters in the city center of Steyr.

The Chamber of Commerce hopes to showcase our story of growth and document how we’ve grown from two employees to over 40 within only three years. Because our team is rapidly expanding, our workplace is bursting at the seams and we aim to expand within the city center of Steyr.

In times where companies face the problems of finding highly skilled workforce, we are proud of our expert team from over 18 nations here in Steyr. ESS attracts skilled labor as well as specialists and makes the region a more attractive hotspot.

We are very thankful for the fact that local representatives care for our needs and try provide support by given us the chance to communicate the current situation to a broader community.

The next steps

Currently we are in the search of a new office building or any other possibility that would allow us to enlarge the ESS Headquarters in Steyr. At the same time, we are in discussions with the officials of the city to find some building ground space to construct even a new office building. Until we find a solution, we continue to provide our customers with the best possible solutions and products.

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