A new design for a new decade

New Website Design
New Website Design for ESS

ESS has launched its new website!

For the first time ever, on January 7, 2015, ESS saw the light of day.

Much has happened and many things have changed since then. We have grown bigger, smarter, and have increased our portfolio as well as our range of customers.

ESS is a company that develops bleeding edge software solutions. Naturally, we also want to stay up to date in the way we communicate. Not only inside the company amongst each other, but also how we present our innovative software to our customers and future partners.

For this reason, perfectly timed with our 5 Year Anniversary, we are thrilled  to present you with our new website!

Rebuilt from the ground – for a modern design

Our new website has been rebuilt from the ground up. It is modern and unique. The color scheme is streamlined, and new icons, pictures, and videos have been implemented. We’ve revamped our content in order to better tell our story.

Furthermore it was designed to work seamlessly together with all our other material, be it online content or print material.

The new design in action
The new design in action

A new way to navigate

But the overhaul has not only been visually. The way the website is navigated has also changed too. We wanted to give you the innovative feeling the whole company lives and breathes. To realise this, we implemented a navigation-cube with individual tiles on each side, guiding you to your desired destination.

Of course, a classical menu is still present for those who prefer that.

We are proud of how it turned out and we’re eager to optimise and improve the website even further in the future!

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