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At ESS we are extremely thrilled to announce that we have launched our alsim CLOUD – the future platform of pre-processing and cloud-based simulations.

Some months ago, we already embarked on our journey of democratizing simulations technology by making the spread of the covid virus in public places and rooms visible via The launch of the alsim CLOUD now marks the next milestone on the road to bringing CFD simulations to everyone.

In a first step we are offering alsim Data Cleaning Repair which is a powerful tool to carry out various repairing and modification activities.

alsim Data Cleaning Repair is a multi-disciplinary software (Automatic Repair) that is used in CAE, CFD, 3D Printing. It offers flexibility for the user to import different CAD files and make them watertight and compatible to be used for further processing (such as input geometry to CFD methods: SPH, LBM, volume meshing: for FVM applications, CAE applications, and 3D printing).

Close Holes

alsim Data Cleaning Repair version provides various functionalities:

Upon registering the first 1000 users will get the total access to the software free for 90 days. The download will be activated on March 31. Get your slot and be among the firsts to enjoy easy-to-use pre-processing.

Be among the first to register on! You will be rewarded with a free trial for alsim Data Cleaning Repair soon.

Thanks to our engineers who have operated with utmost care for the usability and accuracy of the software, which allow them to be used by anyone and for the most complex processes.
Fortuitously, we are far from done! There are other applications like alsim Environment, alsim Paint Shop that are currently being prepared for cloud operations and will be released later this year. So, stay curious by following us on social media or get the latest info directly on the alsim CLOUD.

We feel exceptionally proud having embarked on this journey of bringing cloud-based features for all our applications. What it means for you is that in the coming months, you no longer need a high-end system to run a simulation, as lots of applications will be operated in cloud. This makes Simulations software extremely attractive to those that could benefit from them barely, the small and medium enterprises.

It is a rather breathtaking ride for all of us at ESS and we welcome you to this voyage to be a part of our alsim community. Happy Clouding!

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