NAFEMS 18 India Confernce

Nafems 18 India Conference

ESS is a sponsor of the NAFEMS India Conference,  20th to 21st of July 2018 in Bangalore. We are hosting booth number F and an invited talk about autonomous meshing.

NAFEMS is the international association for engineering modelling, analysis and simulation community. Its purpose is to bring together industry users, technology experts, academics and software vendors to exchange ideas and best practice in engineering simulation. The regional NAFEMS India Conference, from 20. – 21. July 2018 in Bangalore is a forum dedicated to analysis, modelling, simulation and 3D printing. Due to its technology leadership in automatic pre-processing and CFD applications in the automotive Paint Shop industry, ESS will host a booth and an invited talk at the conference.

The National Manufacturing Policy (NMP), set by the Indian government, aims to increase the contribution of manufacturing from currently 15% to 25% of the GDP by the year 2022. To meet this goal, Indian manufacturers are in the need to adapt to advanced manufacturing trends, such as Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Robotics, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Augmented Reality.

A study from 2016 shows, that the increase in plant productivity and quality consistency is the most important feature deriving from advanced manufacturing measures. 65% of the respondents from industrial sectors rated Additive Manufacturing such as 3D printing relevant to enhance India’s level of industry.

NAFEMS India Conference 2018 focuses on the best practice used in engineering analysis, simulation and additive manufacturing. Changes in hardware, software and techniques had been astonishing in recent years, as the community of industrial technology leaders, academics and global players collaborate to grow and develop new standards in the product development process.

As a thought leader in the fields of automatic pre-processing, Paint Shop simulation and computational fluid dynamics, ESS Engineering Software Steyr will host an interactive booth with the number F at the event. Besides a live validation of our SENSE Gearbox Simulation, the experts from ESS site in India accompanied by our CMO Karl Felbauer will discuss our innovative products with industry leaders.

Additionally, ESS is invited to present our 1-click autonomous meshing tool MERGE in a technical talk. The high level of automation allows the engineer to heal, remesh and prepare 3D-data needed for further simulations or applications such as 3D printing within a few hours. Advanced algorithms enable to run the meshing process on a single desktop machine.

Read more about the products of ESS, visit our booth or join the invited talk at NAFEMS India Conference 2018.

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