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Vishal Nair
1984 – 2021

Leaving behind a mighty legacy at a young age of 36, Vishal breathed his last on July 26th, 2021 in Steyr, Upper Austria. His sudden demise didn’t let his love for life and the people around him to come to an end. In his unique way, he left behind a piece of him in everyone’s heart, inspiring them to live their lives to the fullest.

Born to a sweet couple from Kerala, India, he became the light of their lives on 25th Oct, 1984. He went on to become an amazing son, a great big brother, a wonderful husband and an ever-cheerful human. 

His confidence in humanity, and his kindness towards everyone was a constant source of inspiration. Vishal had perfected the balance between meticulous planning and living life spontaneously. Often deemed workaholic, he was anything but that. Rather he truly enjoyed everything that he did, and he did everything! From his love for food, to movies, music, conversations, traveling, to being there for anyone and everyone, he found time with the same ease as a magician pulling surprises off his hat. 

He completed his post graduation in Computer aided Engineering in 2009, from Manipal Institute of Technology, India. Four years later, he found love in his wife, to whom he was married on 20th May, 2013. Together they clicked a billion pics, and savored a zillion dishes. And they lived and loved, like there was no tomorrow. 

When he moved to Austria in 2019, and when he thrived at work, he seemed to be unstoppable: for he was the happiest we had ever seen. His relentless love for his wife and his family knew no bounds, as he found a new way to love them every single day. At ESS, as he stepped up to don the role of a CTO, he was already a multifaceted individual with countless roles to play. He was always known to step up and assume responsibilities beyond his realm, when and where needed, without reluctance. And he gracefully delivered beyond expectations. 

With a never-ceasing smile that could cut diamonds, he carved out the path, not just for himself, but for the many others that followed him, and are yet to follow. His gigantic presence in others’ lives, though short lived, made a vast difference. For this, Vishal will be missed beyond doubt, but never forgotten. A child at heart, his enthusiasm is well-justified, for the world was his playground, and everyone else his pal.

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