Engineering Software Steyr

defining state-of-the-art and inspiring innovation

ESS is a producer of cutting-edge hybrid CFD/CSD software and specialist in automating the pre-processing step of meshing. We use the latest scientific findings to solve complex industrial problems. Our hybrid methods combine mesh-free and grid-based methods to give you all the tools you need to analyze and optimize your engineering processes and transform your innovations. Our software improves real-world performance by emphasizing:

Automated Workflow

Accurate Results

Short Turnaround Times

Low Hardware Costs


Tired of manual pre-processing? Self-driving cars are already on the market. There is autonomous meshing now!

ALSIM Paint Shop

Want to have full control of processes such as e-coating, oven, dipping and venting? We have the right tool for you.


Do you have a problem that no other CFD-tool can seem to solve? Our software will give you accurate results that suit your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our Success Story

The multicultural Engineering Software Steyr is headquartered in Steyr, Austria. ESS employs more than 50 people, and has offices in Europe, China and India as well as distributors worldwide. ESS combines multidisciplinary scientific research with industrial applications to meet the high standards in the automotive industry.

Do you want to know how to simplify and boost your simulation processes?