Paint Expo 2024

Our team members (left to right) : Marlies Messerer, Georg Feichtinger, Neha Narvekar and Ravi Borra

Enhancing Paint Shop Coating Operations with Advanced CFD Solutions

At the recent Paint Expo 2024 in Karlsruhe, Germany, one of the spotlight was on optimizing automotive coating operations through cutting-edge technologies. As the automotive industry continues to seek efficiency and quality, the role of sophisticated CFD solutions has become increasingly crucial.

From conversations with automotive giants to companies focused on industrial coating technologies, our discussions provided vital information that confirms the importance of integrating CFD into daily paint shop operations – as it would significantly streamline processes and accelerate development cycles. As these technologies allow for detailed analysis and adjustments before physical prototypes are made, it will save considerable time and resources. This not only ensures high-quality finishes but also minimizes environmental impact by reducing overspray and volatile organic compound emissions.

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