Upcoming Events:

Nürnberg, GERMANY

28/03 - 30/03 2023

European Coatings Show (ECS)

Aesthetic, sustainable, functional, process-safe. The demands placed on paints and coatings are constantly increasing. Decision-makers and thought leaders in the […]

Past Events::

New Delhi, INDIA

24/11 - 25/11 2022

India Surface Coating Show 2022

Our sales team participated in the India Surface Coating Show (ISCS) conducted at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on November […]

Milan, ITALY

17/10 - 18/10 2022

AUTOMA 2022 – Oil and Gas Digitalization Congress

The Oil and Gas Digitalization Congress was held on October, 17-18, 2022, in Milan, Italy, and gathered Oil & Gas […]

Queretaro, MEXICO

21/06 - 23/06 2022

Automotive Meetings

Starting on the 23rd of June our CMO Prof. Alireza Eslamian and Global Account Manager Jan Jindra were representing ESS – Engineering Software Steyr at the Automotive […]

Nürnberg, GERMANY

03/07 - 06/07 2022


Our Global Account Manager Marlies Koch attended the AACII from the 3rd to 6th July, 2022. The AACII took place for the […]


20/05 - 20/05 2022

Lange Nacht der Forschung (Long Night of Research)

Around 250 research teams from Austria are preparing to take you into the fascinating world of research and science on […]

Bamberg, Germany

05/07 - 06/07 2022

European Automotive Coating – 28th DFO Automotive Conference

Competent speakers as experts in their respective fields of work will discuss the current issues and developments in the European Automotive Coating industry.

Bad Nauheim, GERMANY

20/05 - 20/05 2022

PaintExpo 2022

ESS is participating with a booth in cooperation with the DFO. Visit us to find out about our latest innovation in painting technology and paint shop simulation!

Bad Nauheim, GERMANY

22/02 - 23/02 2022

Smart Production Conference

Digitalization solutions across the automotive production chain


03/11 - 04/11 2021

Car Body Painting

Car Body Painting between environmental protection and customer requirements


28/09 - 28/09 2021

Sitzung des DFO Fachausschusses “Automations- und Prozesstechnik in der Lackierung”

In expert committees, research projects are initiated, new project ideas are presented and current issues in the industry are discussed. […]

Antofagasta, CHL

20/06 - 23/06 2022

EXPONOR: International Exhibition for Technologies and Innovations in Mining & Energy

International Exhibition for Technologies and Innovations in Mining & Energy

Tokyo Bigh Sight, JPN

19/01 - 21/01 2022

Advanced Automotive Technology Show

Find ways to expand business in Japan without traveling?

Budapest, HUN

16/11 - 18/11 2021

Automotive Hungary

There is the way to the future


25/10 - 29/10 2021

Expomim Chile

World Exhibition and Congress for Latin American Mining


11/11 - 10/11 2021

WKO Austria Showcase Romania

Supply opportunities and cooperations!


02/11 - 12/11 2021

Digital Supplier Day: Automotive France

The merger of Fiat Chrysler and PSA created the new Stellantis Group earlier this year. This represents the fourth largest […]

Brünn, CZE

19/10 - 20/10 2021

Automotive Industry Czech Republic

Meet decision makers from the Czech automotive industry and numerous suppliers!

Online Event

15/06 - 16/06 2021

DFO Automotive Conference

CMO and Head of New Solutions Prof. Dr. Alireza Eslamian will hold a session at the DFO Automotive Conference in […]

Online Event

02/06 - 04/06 2021

Virtual ATCx Mexico 2021

Join us at ATCx Mexico, to discover how ESS alsim Platform enables engineers to re-envision industrial design simulation. Global Account […]

Virtual Event (Online)

28/09 - 01/10 2020

ConnecTech Asia 2020

ESS went live at the ICT Virtual Business Mission organized by EU Business Avenues in South East Asia. In this virtual event, […]

Tokyo, Japan

03/06 - 03/06 2020


Karlsruhe, Germany

21/04 - 24/04 2020

PaintExpo 2020

The PaintExpo 2020 in Karlsruhe is the world wide leading conference for coating-technology.. Dozens of national and international exhibitors, among […]

Detroit, US

21/04 - 23/04 2020

WCX Detroit

The largest technical mobility event of the year draws mechanical, electrical and software engineers, OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and R&D […]

Saint Petersburg, Russia

30/03 - 31/03 2020

PRC Russia & CIS

PRC Russia & CIS is an annual Petrochemical and Refining Congress which follows the PRC Europe Congresses organized by BGS […]

Rotterdam, Netherlands

10/03 - 12/03 2020

StocExpo 2020

StocExpo is the largest and longest running event in the bulk liquid storage industry with an eye firmly on the […]

Muscat, Oman

24/02 - 26/02 2020

IGRC 2020

Muscat will host the International Gas Union’s (IGU) 16th International Gas Union Research Conference (IGRC 2020) in collaboration with Oman […]

Lisbon, Portugal

15/08 - 18/08 2019

MMME 2019

The 6th International Conference on Mining, Material, and Metallurgical Engineering (MMME’19) aims to become the leading annual conference in fields related […]


02/12 - 04/12 2019

EMC 2019

European Mining Convention EMC – 2019 aims at connecting the European Mining Industry with the rest of the world to […]

Singapore, Malaysia

25/09 - 26/09 2019

Tank Storage Asia

Capitalise on the future of tank storage in one of the world’s most important storage hubs. With this strategic positioning, […]



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