2023 for ESS: A Fusion Of Innovation, Sustainability, and Well-being 

As we wrap up 2023, it’s clear that at ESS, we’ve been busy not just innovating, but also caring for our environment and our people. In a significant nod to sustainability, we’ve gone greener by saving a whopping 3,565 sheets of paper, thanks to electronically signing 1,738 documents. It’s a small step for a company, but a giant leap for environmental responsibility. Let’s dive into some of our standout moments this year: 

Securing the Future with TISAX

We bagged the prestigious TISAX certification, a badge of honour for our unwavering commitment to top-notch data security and stellar CFD solutions.

QuantumReady project

We didn’t just step into the future; we quantum-leaped with the QuantumReady project. Prepping for the quantum computing revolution, we’re unlocking new potentials for SMEs.

Perfecting E-Car Painting

Our CEO, Dr. Martin Schifko gave us the inside scoop on the unique challenges in e-car painting, spotlighting our innovative solutions in this evolving field.

Making a Splash for Well-being

Among the many activities this year, our swimming course certainly was a highlight. It was about fostering a culture where a healthy body meets a healthy mind.

FSS’s Award-Winning Innovation

Our sister company, FSS didn’t just win an award; they redefined innovation with their groundbreaking particle filter technology.

Simplifying Complexity in Paint Shop Simulations 

Earlier this year, we unveiled a game-changer for Paint Shop simulations, turning hours of laborious report generation into a 5-minute breeze.

Shining at Automotive Circle 

At the Automotive Circle this year, we didn’t just participate; we shone, sharing our passion and expertise in car painting along with our long-time collaboration – Audi.

As we bid adieu to 2023, we’re proud of blending cutting-edge innovation with a deep commitment to sustainability and employee well-being. Here’s to stepping into another year of making waves, as we continue to champion environmental efficiency with CFD solutions!

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