What happened at ESS in 2022?

With the worst of the pandemic behind us, many things became possible again in 2022. This year seemed to be a confident reinstalment of life as we knew it. It has been an eventful year at ESS that brought us hope, wisdom and yield.

Here’s what happened at ESS in 2022:  

The onset of covid in the previous years, and its global impact led the team at ESS to provide the world a free tool based on CFD simulations – dynairix.

This could allow people to understand virus behavior in a room of choice, allowing them to adopt necessary precautions and ventilation techniques.

If you haven’t registered yet, make sure to join the community today by creating your user profile.

Automate” project that gained traction earlier this year, is expected to reduce the design and production time, and costs of microfluidic systems by at least 90%.

An article about the project published in the Project repository journal provides detailed insight into the project.

Learn more about the project by downloading the published article from the page.

With alsim CLOUD that was launched earlier this year, we are one step closer to democratizing simulation technology for all. The intuitive cloud-based features allow users to start using CFD simulations and directly on their system without additional expenditure on infrastructure.

Beginning with alsim Data Cleaning Repair, more applications will be added to the platform in the future – making it a singular platform for pre-processing and cloud-based simulations for industries.

Register today, and get the benefits of the intuitive cloud-based platform.

ESS had the honour of participating in the Automotive Circle Smart Production Conference 2022, where our Global Account Manager – Ravi Kanth Borra represented us and provided insights into the topic of digitalizing automotive manufacturing, with a focus on the utility of alsim Paint Shop and alsim CLOUD.

We are glad to be able to make a large contribution to the digitalization efforts in the automotive industry. Find out more about the inspiring event from this article.

After four years of break, the world’s leading trade fair on industrial coating – “PaintExpo” occurred in 2022. In the fair, ESS showcased its simulation solutions and discussed with the industry experts about improving efficiency and sustainability in industrial manufacturing processes.

With over 430 exhibitors from 27 countries, it was a long awaited opportunity for us to showcase our products and to be a part of this extensive trade fair. The 4-day event brought the team several new connections and prospects. Read more.

Our journey to make CFD simulations accessible to all will be further realized with the new project – COA-CFD.

In partnership with Audi, Citkar, IONOS, MYB Turkey and SSS Poland, the project will be completed by 2025, with its manifolded impact noticeable across many channels. You can check out the project details from the website.

In July, ESS made its presence felt in the first international interdisciplinary congress for the aviation and aerospace sector (AACII 2022).

It was the perfect window to discuss with industry experts and leading researchers, about industry 4.0, AI and innovative technologies.

The event was the perfect podium to present our products alsim Paint Shop and alsim Environment, with a focus on topics such as Spraying (coating & washing) and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

For the first time, when the Long Night of Research (LNF) took place in Steyr, we had the chance to showcase our work to the general public.

The event brought people, both young and old, together to share their enthusiasm for research and to explore the depths of the industry.

This incredible evening saw a footfall of over 150 people in the ESS office, who were truly intrigued and inquisitive about the advancements in technology.

Visit their official page to learn about this significant Austrian event that happens every 2 years.

“Gemeinsam im Boot” – a charity event that took place in the outskirts of Steyr, brought together 17 enthusiastic and motivated members of ESS who competed with 23 other teams in the popular ‘Dragon boat race’.

The fun-filled event allowed us to get our hands dirty and push the limits as we fought together for “Dragon of Steyr”.

Although the sizeable efforts did not fetch the team a podium place, the thrill and excitement of participating in 3 rounds of 250m course races was certainly rewarding!

When developing tools like dynairix, it’s an important aspect that we verify the results from our solver by comparing it with real-world results. Two bright students from HTL Steyr, helped us achieve this with an IoT device created by them to monitor CO2 concentration in a room.

The ventilation concept developed for reducing the risk of infection was thus validated, with the achievement even being reported by regional newspaper – OÖ Nachrichten.

You can read the published article in German from this link.

2022 being one of the many firsts for ESS, we had our first Global Sales Meeting in Steyr. We had the privilege of hosting sales colleagues from India and Turkey. The 3-day event was filled with interesting discussions, team-building activities, and delightful gatherings. The participants of the event hiked up the nearby Hausberg (Mountain next to one’s home) and savoured Austrian Christmas treats.

The end of the 3-day event was marked by the company’s Annual party. It was an incredible evening for all of us, as we spent the time having engaging conversations, learning about the Steyr’s history, singing carols, and having a wonderful feast.

It was indeed a remarkable year for everyone @ ESS, with an exquisite blend of business, pleasure and camaraderie.

With an exciting year ahead of us, we continue to build on our strengths, deliver enriching and insightful experiences to our customers, and most importantly, paint the

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