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Customer Success Story – INEOS Automotive

ESS’ alsim Paint Shop was used for developing INEOS Automotive’s 4×4 off-roader Grenadier

Air bubble and puddle prediction with alsim Paint Shop Dip Paint

Air bubbles (voids) and puddles are two common problems solved through alsim Paint Shop Dip Paint.

alsim Platform Brochures

Find below the different brochures released for the different solutions ESS has to offer:

Tailgate Drainage Validation with alsim Paint Shop for Audi

Experimental validation of simulation results proved the competency of alsim PAINT SHOP.

Cavity preservation in the Volkswagen group

Protect your car-body from corrosion with cavity preservation through flood-wax

Paint Shop Oven Simulation

Our oven simulation overcomes all obstacles and disadvantages.

Water Splash Simulation

Accurate, meshless, and extremely fast – our Water Splash simulation.

Interfaces and Interoperability

A reliable toolbox to cover import and export functionalities smooth and easy.

E-Coating Simulation

alsim Paint Shop E-Coating helps avoiding under and over-coating.

Gearbox Simulation

The Gearbox simulation demonstrates the simulation of a rotating gear.

Spray Wash Simulation

The alsim Paint Shop Spray Wash module gives full control over the process.

Automation of Complex Geometries

Gain the ability to process and repair complex geometries – automatically.

Dipping & Drainage

Our Paint Shop toolbox is the solution for poorly painted areas.

Data Cleaning

Autonomous data cleaning while reducing time and enhancing quality of the mesh.



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